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Off Road Camper Financing

The decision to purchase a camper verses a caravan is not an easy one. First you must calculate your budget. Camper Trailers are a little cheaper for the same aged caravan. Providing nearly the same comforts of home depending on the purchase price, of course both are classed as luxury items by the banks

Other, maybe more important considerations can be endless. How much and how often you expect to use your van is very important. For example a 50K caravan used once a year is a pretty expensive holiday? Camper trailer can be inexpensive to use for off road adventure, caravans capable of off road use a more costly.

Whatever you finally decide most people end up financing at least a portion of the caravan or campervan. Providing the caravan or camper is new or used does not affect the finance. Most banks can and will provide loans for new caravan. Used caravan from private seller are also possible

Once your loan has been approved. Banks usually require a comprehensive insurance policy for the camper trailer or caravan. Whichever you have decided to buy. Insurer such as the following list provide below can offer affordable monthly or annual policies.

  • Suncorp
  • Youi
  • NRMA
  • CIL
  • Budget Direct

These are some of the more common insurers we see presented with an application. Choose wisely as insurance is only expensive when you do require it!


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