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CanDo is an Australian caravan finance company offering the cheapest caravan loans with cheap interest rates. Cando compares different lenders in Australia and provides you with the best private seller caravan and camper loans possible. New caravan finance at very cheap rates

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Cheap Caravan Finance Australia wide

There is no one better at getting cheap Caravan Finance than Cando Financial. From a simple pop-up to a luxurious motor coach, Cando Financial has the expertise to get you the best rate in the industry. Our vast network of lenders and banks allow us to search out your best deal on a caravan loan. Our lending specialists know all the tricks of the trade to help you fill out the paperwork and get approval quickly and painlessly. We can help you obtain financing for a new or used van or camper trailer. We can even help with leasing. There is nothing Cando Financial cannot do to get you in a camper or motor home of your dreams. Call Cando Financial today to start.

Camper Trailers or Camper finance in Australia

Cando offer the best camper loans in Australia, when organizing finance we walk you through the process. Insurance, inspection, warranty and registration if required. Camper trailer approval are very quick and usually can be approved the same day. new or used campers from dealer or private sellers are OK. Grab a bargaian and buy from a private seller, we check out the finance side of things you check out the mechanical

How to estimate your van loan payments

You have bought your new caravan and are ready to hit the open road for another great family vacation. A few more funds in the family coffers would be great. How can you free some up? Visit and check out our camper loan repayment calculators. Whether you are looking to pay off your van early, or you want to lower the payments and stretch out the terms, Cando Financial can help you get the type of finance that works for you. Lenders all over Australia work with our experienced team of finance specialists, helping families just like you meet their vacation goals. Join the crowd and hit the road with more financial freedom that you expected. Contact Cando Financial today to get started!

Buy motor homes or vans from a private seller

You have found the perfect van, motor home or camper and now you need to purchase it from a private seller. That can be a scary experience. Do you have all the right paperwork? Did you talk to all the right people? Did you really get the best rate you could by going right to your usual bank? The answers to all of these questions and more can be found by contacting a dedicated finance manager today. We can help you and the seller wrap up your transaction, making it quick, painless and pleasant for all involved. We know the paperwork and the people to get you the best rate and terms in Australia. Keep your concerns to a minimum and happiness to a maximum by letting us help you complete your purchases. Contact Cando Financial today.


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Off Road Camper Finance

Off Road Camper Financing

The decision to purchase a camper verses a caravan is not an easy one. First you must calculate your budget. Camper Trailers are a little cheaper for the same aged caravan. Providing nearly the same comforts of home depending on the purchase price, of course both are classed as luxury items by the banks

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